Wheel Chocks Overview


Wheel chocks are an extremely important safety component to any loading dock area. They should be inspected on a regular basis and replaced as needed along with the mounting chain & connecting hardware. Wheel chock signs are an important reminder for both truck drivers and dock personnel. They should be placed on the outside of the building in a conspicuous location, preferably at each loading area.
Chocks come in a variety of sizes, weights, and materials. There are light-duty molded rubber chocks, heavy-duty laminated rubber chocks, and heavy-duty steel and aluminum chocks. Each of your wheel chocks should be attached to a wall and or driveway to keep them from becoming lost or stolen. They should also have a wall hanger to keep them off of the ground when not in use. Use an appropriate size & length of chain (approx. 1/4"x 15'). The heavier the chain and connecting hardware, the longer it will last.

Truck restraints are a far superior system for locking trailers at the dock. Restraints are a bit pricey but if your budget allows, they are the best choice. Perhaps start off with one or a couple of restraints at a time (at the busiest docks) and supplement the other docks with wheel chocks. Don’t skimp when purchasing your wheel chocks, chain and signs or truck restraints. This is all about the safety of your employees.  Purchase the best equipment… it is an invaluable investment!