Dock Leveler Overview

Also called loading docks, loading ramps or docks. Used to load/unload trucks. They are set into a pit in the concrete floor. Dock levelers bridge the gap between the dock floor and the truck or trailer so forklifts or pallet jacks can enter and exit the trailer. Adjustable height to accommodate varying heights of trucks/trailers. Size and weight limits are based on what is traveling over the dock (forklifts & load/product) and the amount of use on a daily basis (wear and tear). Docks can be ordered as mechanical, air bag or hydraulic operation. The most common type in use is the mechanical dock leveler. They are less expensive innitially but they have more moving parts to wear and break than air bag or hydraulic levelers. There is also a risk of a dock worker getting injured while operating a mechanical dock leveler. There are great slip and fall risks associated with walking onto a wet or icy mechanical dock. Air bag dock levelers and most hydraulic dock levelers greatly reduce the need for a dock worker to bend or walk on the dock leveler to operate it, reducing the chance of injury at the dock.  Air bag and hydraulic dock levelers must have electrical installed and this adds to the cost of installation. Hydraulic dock levelers are strong and last a long time. They tend to be the most expensive to install and repairs to the motor and hydraulic cylinders can be quite expensive. Also, the hydaraulic oil will cause quite a mess when there are leaks. Air bag dock levelers are the most economical despite having to run some electical wiring. They have fewer parts to break down than a mechanical dock leveler and the air bags (bladders) are built to last.  The air bags and the small motors they use to fill the bag are relatively inexpensive to replace and last for years. Serious injury or death can occur if the dock levelers are not in good working condition. It is very important to have a regularly schedule preventative maintenance service. Proper maintenance and inspection is vital to having a safe and efficient working environment.        


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